Who will be interested

The exhibition is of interest to all segments of the population and people of all ages.

Adults will be interested in a variety of different irons that they have not previously encountered, except for the usual (“grandmother's”) cast, on coals and some electric ones. They will be surprised by the variety of their types and design of execution. An ordinary household item will guide them once again through the centuries, from ancient times to the present day, will give them the opportunity to get in touch with the history of technology development and the influence of technological progress on the living conditions of modern man.

Children will discover the full history of the appearance and development of the iron. They will learn a lot about countries and continents, about the development of mankind, scientific discoveries and their application in practice. They will learn about the hard work of ironing women and American slaves, about the habits and fashion of different peoples and social strata in different epochs and times. They will see and will be able to try stroking the grandmother's rocking chair, learn a lot of new things from the history of everyday life both on the territory of Belarus and in other countries.